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attention nonbinary and/or queer PoC!!




i need your help! a friend and i have decided to start a zine devoted to how PoC identities overlap with being nonbinary/queer. being mixed race, queer, and nb i’ve always felt a lot of discomfort and inbetweenness so i wanna start a project that focuses on those feelings! most preferred would be other nonbinary queer folks but twoc and tmoc who are queer will also be accepted in the project. this is intended to be a safe space to share experiences.

what i need from you is!

  • pieces written about your feelings about how your race and gender identity overlap (ie concepts of gender within your own culture, or feelings of not belonging/having to choose, anything you’d like!)
  • pictures? if you want of yourself that you feel capture your identity
  • pieces about specific issues faced by queer n trans poc like acceptance in your community, passing while non-white, finding representation, etc!!
  • basically anything you’d like to see in a zine about these overlapping identities, and please spread this post so i can get the contributions i need to get started!!

initially hard copies of the zine will probably just be distributed around my college campus, but if this actually starts to go somewhere and we can get donations started at some point in the future maybe i’ll sell hard copies online? who knows but yeah please spread the word and submit your stories and thoughts and feelings and a little about yourself to accompany your submissions.

thank u love u all!!!!!

okay i just re-read this and wanted to clarify/expand based on the responses i’ve already gotten!

welcome to participate in this project are poc who identify as queer, trans, or both! the project will be most centered around nb queer people, but even if you’re cis and queer or of a binary trans identity you’re welcome to contribute. also!! all forms of art are accepted as submissions as long as they are in some way linked to identity, meaning poetry, photography, and visual art are all really cool contributions we’re receptive to. y’all rock and thank you so much for getting excited about this w me :-)

hey so i’ve been getting messages about where to submit for this! my submit box on my blog is just fine, but if you’d prefer another way i’ve opened an email address just for submissions: 

we need to start seeing submissions between november and december so please boost this and start sending stuff in!



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